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What is The M² Children's Brain Wellness Program?

The M² Kid’s Brain Wellness Program was developed to help children and their families with overall brain wellness through testing and supplementation.  It was formerly a division of Neurogistics, a company founded by Pam Machemehl Helmly, CN, to help make neurotransmitter testing available to individuals who are looking for a simple, all- natural approach to brain chemistry balancing. It takes complex science to support healthy neurotransmitter levels,  and you need a comprehensive system to be successful.  M² Kids makes it easy and convenient.  This is an affordable, time-tested and highly effective program with a clinically verifiable track record, which has helped thousands of people over the past ten years. It is scientifically based so you can depend on the results and it's easy to do. 

M² products are all-natural, safe supplements with no side effects, and do not interfere with most medications. With our ongoing support, you receive the help you need every step of the way so that your child can progress and continue to feel better and better. 

What does the M² Children's Brain Wellness Program include?

  • A Neurotransmitter Laboratory Test Kit: A simple urine test that contains everything you need to take your child’s sample in the privacy of your home.  Laboratory fees, shipping /handling and return postage (domestic only) are all included.

  • A Personal Intake Assessment

  • A Brain Wellness Report: including your child's customized protocol.

  • An Additional Half-Hour Consultation: with Pam Machemehl Helmly.


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